Teddy Bear Shops

The Gorge Bear Co

The Gorge Bear Co is a magical place, nestled between the two caves in scenic Cheddar Gorge, Cheddar, Somerset. Here you will find an abundance of wimsy, fun, charm and gorgeousness amongst our many residents.

Over two floors and in four rooms you will discover numerous characters, animals and bears from makers such as Steiff, Charlie Bears, JellyCat, Gund, Hermann, Hansa, Kosen, TY, Keel and more ... lets take a peek inside.
Upon entering the shop, your eyes will need to adjust, so many customers declare "How can I choose?" We have the Jellycat Island immediately to your left, where you will find all the 'silky soft goodness' you could possibly handle. Gund and TY on the back wall, with their latest releases and new to us, the moresome Bukowski Range. Collectable Charlie Bears displayed on the long shelves, in all their wonderfully, addictive glory, plus in the locked cabinet are fabulous, miniature delights by Hermann, Steiff, Den Canham and R John Wright.

jellycat island
On closer inspection of the JellyCat island, you can see the scrummy, yummy, loveliness of the JellyCat Bashful Range. As you can see, there is a sorbet wheel of colour hued Bunnies, plus their faithful animal contemporaries residing within, this addictive collection.
Along the back wall is home to TY and their fabulous, large glittery eyed Beanie Boo's. An assortment of fun animals, some with a definitive wacky twist of colour. All wear a tag that contains their name, a poem and a date of birth. TY are also wonderful with licensed products, over the years there have been a few, at the moment it's "The Secret World of Pets". Their renditions of bringing characters from the screen to life, are just magical.
opp jelly island
Nestled on the opposing side of the JellyCat island, is a myriad of tactile and appealing new friends. From the colourful, corduroy textured plush animals of the same name - Cordy Roys, to the wavy furred, sitting zoo that is the adorable Fuddle Wuddles. Tempting teddies that are traditional, whilst being contemporary, the Toothy's, with their big shape, vibrant colour and corduroy smile, plus those that give a multi scensory overload, of, assorted fabrics and textures ... Check out Dudley Dragon, Lawrence Lion and Walter Warthog!
The back wall corner has a mixture of surprises, before you span around to the right and see Charlie Bears. Just check out those two Charlie Bear Pup's ... Time for walkies.
This fabulous Swedish range is Bukowski. Gorgeously crafted from the silkiest of powder soft plushes, with weighted ears for the bunnies and weighted tails for the kitties, each features the Bukowski ribbon on their paw. Just screams luxury ... but the prices are anything but ... we call it decadence on a budget! What a great range
Next up is Suki, a newly developed British gift company. These colourful beanie pups and kitties are ideal for the younger generation, whilst the teds below have names such as Harry, Harper, James, Lucas, Oliver, Thomas & more. It's a wonderful gift, to receive a bear with the same name as you. Cosy in the middle are Bukowski, with their amazing rag dolls. Attention to detail, luxurious fabrics and a super adorable appeal, highlight their popularity.
These beanie Suki animals are a firm favourite. So as well, as being able to get a contemporary pup, you can also get a pocket sized companion, that resembles the real thing in the form of dogs, cats and wildlife. Popular with adults and children alike.
Continuing around the corner we have the delectable Charlie Bears, including their much sort after Limited Edition, Isabelle Collection. Charlie Bears will have been going for 12 years this year (2017). They have made a considerable, everlasting mark in the teddy bear world, with their worldwide popularity growing daily.
Here are some fabulous Charlie Bears Plush pieces from 2016. The bear is Cheeky Chops, he is 58cm tall and fully jointed. He has been sewn, from a luxurious silky soft, contemporary plush, with 'tickle toes', plus eye whites for emphasis and hand shaded detail. Each bear is quite a character and due to the uniqueness of the fabric, no two will be the same. His look is endearing and enchanting. Best Friend is the name of the Westie pup, who you can purchase individually, or alongside his 2 companions, as he is from a set of 3. He is 28cm tall and fully jointed, with a decadently soft, textured coat, 'tickle toe' paws and the most kissable, hand stitched nose. His tartan bow, reminds him of his heritage. Fabulously delightful.
Here is a close up of a trio, from Charlie Bears, Isabelle Collection. This range is highly sort after, with Limited Edition pieces sewn from luxurious mohair and/or sumptuous alpaca. The fluffy kitty at the front is Ragdoll, a 20cm tall creation, from the Minimo series, that is within the Isabelle Collection. He is one of four cats, designed as a 'set' within the series. He is fully jointed and sewn from a mix of mohair and alpaca. Limited Edition of 1200, worldwide.
Starsky is the name of the big boy at the back, a 41cm tall masterpiece, that is fully jointed and sewn from two types of long pile, curly mohair. He is a Limited Edition of just 400 Worldwide.
Last but not least is Mothball, one from a 'set' of 9 bears, known as the Attic Collection in the Isabelle series. He is 33cm tall and loosely fully jointed, with 'aged' worn areas in his mohair coat. There is careful shading, shaving and stitch repair, in order to get the achieved look. This sweetie is a Worldwide Limited Edition of only 400 pieces. All three pieces are from the Charlie Bears 2016 collection - Once Upon A Time
Giving you an idea, how big our Charlie Bears & Isabelle Collection is at The Gorge Bear Co, what you see and more, displayed around the shop. See the Charlie Bear range
Charlie Bears are also known for their bunnies. This one is Herbs, a striking 'hirsute' (hairy/ fluffy) hare, who is from a 'set' of 4, that consists of 2 bunnies and 2 bears. The plush used is truly sumptuous, with a decadent silkiness to it. He also has fully posable ears, which creates character and emotion, bringing with it a changing enchantment. He is from Charlie Bears 2016 collection.
In the cabinet downstairs is where you will find our collectable miniatures. There are Steiff pieces along with Teddy Hermann, Deb Canham, Charlie Bears - Isabelle Collection plus Artist Bears that are 1/1's, sitting alongside the highly revered, soft sculpture that is R J Wright, plus Clemens with their wee handfuls of sweetness.
Pocket money priced miniatures, that are full of character and charm, in assorted colours and patterns, all fully jointed & presented in miniature organza bags.
This is the entrance to our 'Sales Cave' where at any one time, you can be guaranteed a fabulous price on an end of line item. The contents of the cave changes regularly, due to the wonderful offers inside.

This is the passageway that leads you to even more delights. It is home to assorted goodies, mainly in the form of Keyrings. On display at present, are fun & funky Petjes, Gund's Peter Rabbit, wonderfully priced Steiff (that surprisingly, don't cost the earth), alongside Charlie Bears Bag Buddies and The Isabelle Collections, Limited Edition mohairs.
As you pass through the walk way to the rear of the shop, you will have entered our Baby Area and plush Wild Animals. We have a whole host of lovelies for your new arrival, from teds, to snuggles, chimes, musical pulls, comforters and squeakers. There are by fantabulous brands such as Little Jellycat (Jellycat Baby Range), Baby Gund and Rainbow Designs.
This selection of delights are great for both young and developing babies. Choose from Blues and pinks, or go neutral ... whatever you opt for, will surely be loved!
Opposite the girly pinks and boyish blues, you will discover our wide range of Keel products. A family run, British company since 1947, aiming to provide quality goods at affordable prices. We have their many dog breeds, assorted cats and bunnies in various sizes, plus wild animals including primates and the big cats. Keel also produce teddies, including their popular, patriotically dressed uniform bears.

More offerings from Keel, who distribute their 500 lines, within 20 ranges, throughout the UK and Europe, using super soft plushes and appealing designs to attract their customers.
At the end of the shop, down a step is where you will find Petjes World. This Danish company began in 2007, by brothers Peter and Jes Byskov, hence the name Pet Jes World. They began with souvenir pieces, that you readily purchase from museums, zoos and amusement parks. Their aim and goal, is to provide a wonderful selection and variety, of top quality products at affordable, competitive prices.
Ravensden also resides down the step, upon the shelves on the immediate, left hand side. Since 1975, this family run company has been proud to manufacture high quality goods and gifts. Not only do they produce a 'zoo' of plush animals, but 3D puzzles, and bone china mugs, (featuring beautiful, photographic imagery), they aim to do so, at affordable prices to fit any product.