Teddy Bear Shops

Suki Gifts

Next up is Suki, a newly developed British gift company. These colourful beanie pups and kitties are ideal for the younger generation, whilst the teds below have names such as Harry, Harper, James, Lucas, Oliver, Thomas & more. Cosy in the middle are Bukowski, with their amazing rag dolls. Attention to detail, luxurious fabrics and a super adorable appeal, highlight their popularity.
And say hello to a Suki, Limited Edition, Silver Tag Bear, created by the newly developed company. These are increasingly popular amongst collectors as each bear is Limited to only 1,500, is fully jointed, with a bean filled tum and sewn from luxurious plushes, with inspired accessories. New designs are released annually, each style with a unique name to them. Isn't this one adorable?!