Teddy Bear Shops


On closer inspection of the Jellycat island, you can see the scrummy, yummy, loveliness of the Jellycat. As you can see, there is a sorbet wheel of colour hued Bunnies, plus their faithful animal contemporaries residing within, this addictive collection.
Nestled on the opposing side of the JellyCat island, is a myriad of tactile and appealing new friends. From the colourful, corduroy textured plush animals of the same name - Jellycat, to the wavy furred, sitting zoo that is the adorable Fuddle Wuddles. Tempting teddies that are traditional, whilst being contemporary, the Toothy's, with their big shape, vibrant colour and corduroy smile, plus those that give a multi scensory overload, of, assorted fabrics and textures ... Check out Dudley Dragon, Lawrence Lion and Walter Warthog!